February 27, 2012

An Owl For Carolina

Danny's class mate had a birthday party coming up and I was racking up my brain for something to get her. Here, you can't get much for 10euro, 5euro would be even more impossible  ! So I started googling around for appropriate gifts and stumbled upon the OWL. I've seen it crop up a few times on the net and thought how adorable it was , now, I thought it would make the perfect gift for a 7 year old girl. It took only about an hour , I used scrap corduroy for the body and wings and felt for the eyes and beak and filled it with cushion filler.

What do you think, I think she's adorable. Carolina's mom told me she loved it, phew that made it worthwhile. Now Danny is jealous and he wants one too haha. 

Thank you for this awesome free pattern Ashley, the pattern download is here. Not only did I save by using up some scraps but I made one little girl very happy, now that, you can't beat !

Princess Closet !!


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