January 25, 2011

Ottobre Patterns Anyone?!!!

Hello hello, the new Spring Ottobre 1/2011 has just hit the stores here in Netherlands, so esctatic was I you could not imagine, well, if you are a pattern magazine addict like me then I guess you can, lol! Among the rows of magazines at my local newsagent, there it was, just sitting pretty waiting for me. Here are some pictures from the spring issue, feast your eyes :)

I so love the blue paneled dress and check out those brown bell bottom pants, cool ! The peacock applique is also included in this issue.

This issue has 39 patterns in total and sizes ranging from 56cm (baby) to 170cm ( i just realized that I can use the patterns for moi :) ) They're really modern, fresh european styles, from pants to leggings to blouses and skirts, jackets and even a cool flanel sweatshirt. The detailed slim fit jeans are sexy huh, I bet Shasha is going to want that !

Here's an example of the patterns. They are all color coded and pattern pieces are marked and construction instructions are in the magazines as below.

You can view the full issue here. Just click on the last issue (1/2011) and start browsing .

Good news to my Malaysian sewing enthusiasts who have been trying to get this mag, I can get them for you in English of course! They will be posted out mid march by poslaju from KL, so please browse through the Ottobre site and let me know which issue you would like, back issues included. The Female Ottobre is also awesome!

1 issue will be for Rm55, subsequent ones will be at RM52 (inc poslaju). Email me at princess.diaries71@gmail.com for banking details. Please specify the issue number that you would like and how many copies. Please hurry as I need time to order from the publisher, thanks.

Cherios from me, I so long for my sewing machine and fabrics right now ! Do drop me an email or a comment for further info, and maybe soon we can have an Ottobre sew along in Malaysia :) 

ps I miss Nasi Lemak daun pisang and Kerang Char Kuey Tiaw!!

January 7, 2011

A White Christmas and Happy New Year!

I am here!!! Been here awhile but only now willed myself to move from my heated living room to the cold study and start downloading pictures :-) Nederlands? All I can say at the moment is that its freezing, its wet, its peaceful, well, Rotterdam to be exact. We arrived to a white wonderland, which was pretty exciting especially for the kids. The moment we arrived at our new front door, they were out like a flash and started scouping snow and laughing, and I was right in there with them! 

Here are some white , white photos

On my street

My pretty backyard, NARNIA anyone?

Around the Neighbourhood

The snow has long since melted but we got our fill. So now its just drab and dreary with grey skies and pitter patter rain that never lets up. I am told this is typical Dutch weather , groan.....

My shipment is expected in another 2 weeks, nope do not get me started and yes another 1month of sleeping on the floor over here ! So what have I been up to? Oh the usual mommy stuff, cooking, cleaning the laundry and oh yes, making sure there's always milk and cookies on hand for 3 forever hungry kids :-)

My legs feel numb, Cheerios!


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