May 19, 2012

Burda Style Pattern Magazine

Hello everyone. I've finally managed to locate a supplier for Burda Style magazine in English, yes English not Dutch which is oh so very rare ! The June issue has just been released so please email me if you are interested. Each month the magazines has full sized patterns for modern high street style blouses, dresses, pants and skirts and a few children ones too. They have also started including a designer dress pattern each month, really worth it. These magazines really sell out like hot cakes so please let me know asap. It's Rm57 plus postage and will be sent out end July when I come home yeahhhhh. 

Please please hurry, once gone its gone forever. 

May 16, 2012

The Most Beautiful Shop In The World!

Well, in my eyes that is. What am I talking about? It's Liberty of London !! 
I only started seeing the Liberty name once I started blog walking among the serious seamstress, they keep talking about liberty lawn and how buttery it was to sew etc. So one fine rainy weekend we decided to head west to London, taking the Euro Tunnel with our car from Calais, the crossing only took 35 minutes, aah the wonder of modern technology. One minute you are saying Bonjour, 35 minutes later its Good day mate ! Awesome. 

Even if you don't sew, if you're in London, please please head down to the Liberty store. It is gorgeous on the outside and once you're inside, believe me, you'll be oohing and aahing the whole time while feeling depressed that you're not dripping with pound sterling :)

The facade is a black and white Tudor like manor building. Beautiful yes. Nearest tuib stop is Oxford Circus, red central line and blue Victoria line on Oxford Street. Head south on Regent Street and Liberty will be 100 m or so on your left. Now, let me show you the insides!

I think there's about 5 floors of exquisite items! It's a department store in itself but they have maintained the or maybe refurbished the old interiors.

Yes and the above are the lucious liberty cotton lawns. Now I know where the term English Cotton comes from. But Liberty lawn is oh so soft and light and almost feels like silk, it even has a shimmery sheen. I think I spent almost an hour just touching the bales and bales of luciousness :-)

Guess how much these shirts made from the same fabrics above cost ? 89 pound sterling!! 

The store is divided into rooms just like in a house and each room is full of beautiful things .

And so finally, what did I come out of there with ? :-)

Yes, of course, what else would you expect :-) only bought 1.5 mtrs of each to make a top and 0.5 of the pink for a top for shasha. Did I mention they cost 21 pounds / mtr ?!

Am keeping them till I know exactly what to do with them, my precious indeed ! 

So, if you go, let me know whether or not you agree that it's the most beautiful shop in the world ! 


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