April 26, 2010

1 Yard of Heather Bailey :)

Hi again, hope everyone has been well. I feel happier today because at long last hubby is back! He was actually on work in Amsterdam (hmmm?) which was originally planned for 3 weeks ended up being 6! The last week was due to the ash cloud. He actually had to take a bus ride over 2 days to reach Rome and fly home from there! So here I was running around going a bit beserk with the kids. To relieve the stress I actually managed to get a few stitching things done, but with my usual professional photographer gone, could not take any pictures, sigh.

Ok ok, back to the topic on hand, 1yard of Heather Bailey. I kept thinking how unfair it was that my girl gets designer fabrics and I dont! So I attempted to make a skirt for myself. 1 yard in length however was way too short, so I added a bias hem of 3.5 in. I wanted a bit of interest to the skirt so added an inverted pleat in the middle and the matched band, part elasticated. Then I discovered in terms of width, I still had roughly 10in x 1yd in length. That was when I decided to try out the multi panel skirt from Sew Beautiful Issue 129 2010. I had more fun doing up this dress for Shasha than my skirt! So here they are , from 1 yard of Nicey Jane, Dream Dot in Clementine. I do particularly love the green check cotton, perfect shade. I actually did go around walking in KLCC with this skirt and Shasha in that dress and man, most people were doing a double take, even the shopkeepers! They must be wondering which shop I got it from, quite fun actually :)

Hmmm yes, I'm sure you're all wondering if thats me and how come Shasha looks different! I decided that these legs of mine were just too sexy for that cute skirt! So I ended giving it away as a bday gift to my neighbour's 15 yr old daughter, Nadhira. It suits her much better I must say. And so I got the 8 year old Fina to pose in Shasha's dress . Let me tell you, Shasha was right there at the edge keeping a close eye on her dress!

I love this pattern, so simple but so many possibilities. The panels are 2in wide at the top and flairs out at the bottom, so thats how you achieve the fitted structured top. I wanted an easy dress so I added the green tube and straps that button in front. I added elastic under the arms so the bodice fitted snugly. I hate how dresses can gape and you can see right down them! Hem is finished with matching bias piping. The pattern is easy to adapt to any size, even adult ones i guess. This is one issue which is a keepsake, go and get it if you haven't , a lot of other fantastic ideas there too. I made matching pants too :)

Check out Sew Beautiful site and their blog . The latest issue , Blue, is out and I just got mine from Kinokuniya last night, beautiful. Bye for now and happy stitching.
ps. I still don't own a designer item, sob!
pps Hoping to get the new Canon IXUS210!

April 8, 2010

My first Bag

Isn't that a cute bag? I thought so , my girl thought so but alas its for Nadia, my friend's girl who turned 5! It is actually my first bag making attempt. It turned out pretty good. Yes it had to be pink, and what goes with pink, green !!!! I applique a Sun Bonnet Sue and flannel heart on the pink pocket , then the whole thing was quilted to give it texture. It has a zip at the top. In my rush I forgot to put in that adjustable 'thinggy' that can make your bag strap adjustable. Will remedy that next time. The bag is a little bit 'soft' though, next time need to put on an interfacing. Well it was a good experiment and luckily, Nadia just loved it :) I had her name applique on the back.

The pattern for the Sun Bonnet Sue I got from a Japanese book , from Kino of course which at that time they had a promo was going for 30% off from rm80+ The designs inside are really fresh and pretty, but the Jap's tend to use very muted color fabrics. I like mine as striking as can be! So of course, go crazy as you like.

I'm going to give you all a tip here. I recently found the same book, but translated to Chinese (the cover was different tho) at popular bookstore going for Rm50! And popular was having a 20% sale ! I screamed (of course silently). And I discovered some others too that had been translated and going much cheaper. But surprisingly , only one or two clothe pattern books, sigh, frustrating.

My Shasha is still waiting for her's, and even my two prince's want one two, hmm either they have good artistic taste or ?????

Like it? Contact me for details as specs.

April 1, 2010

Introducing my mummy on the NET!!!

hahahaha mummy, your face is now officially on the world wide web! Yes everyone, this is my mom, she is the person who first thought me how to crochet, sew a button and use one of those old singer sewing machines. Broke a few needles in the process, but look mummy where I am now, yup, blogging! :)

Here she is with a lap quilt I made for her. And its aptly called Mother's Heart! I love the vibrant red batik for the heart and of course had to set it off with a pure white damask cotton. But then decided was just too sterile, so added the green and red sashing, now it looks christmassy! But mummy loves it so that what counts! Stitched in the ditch to make the hearts pop and some simple free quilting on the borders.

And here's the matching pillowcase and cushion cover, phew glad its all done, now can create some more dresses weeee!


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