April 1, 2010

Introducing my mummy on the NET!!!

hahahaha mummy, your face is now officially on the world wide web! Yes everyone, this is my mom, she is the person who first thought me how to crochet, sew a button and use one of those old singer sewing machines. Broke a few needles in the process, but look mummy where I am now, yup, blogging! :)

Here she is with a lap quilt I made for her. And its aptly called Mother's Heart! I love the vibrant red batik for the heart and of course had to set it off with a pure white damask cotton. But then decided was just too sterile, so added the green and red sashing, now it looks christmassy! But mummy loves it so that what counts! Stitched in the ditch to make the hearts pop and some simple free quilting on the borders.

And here's the matching pillowcase and cushion cover, phew glad its all done, now can create some more dresses weeee!

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