April 8, 2010

My first Bag

Isn't that a cute bag? I thought so , my girl thought so but alas its for Nadia, my friend's girl who turned 5! It is actually my first bag making attempt. It turned out pretty good. Yes it had to be pink, and what goes with pink, green !!!! I applique a Sun Bonnet Sue and flannel heart on the pink pocket , then the whole thing was quilted to give it texture. It has a zip at the top. In my rush I forgot to put in that adjustable 'thinggy' that can make your bag strap adjustable. Will remedy that next time. The bag is a little bit 'soft' though, next time need to put on an interfacing. Well it was a good experiment and luckily, Nadia just loved it :) I had her name applique on the back.

The pattern for the Sun Bonnet Sue I got from a Japanese book , from Kino of course which at that time they had a promo was going for 30% off from rm80+ The designs inside are really fresh and pretty, but the Jap's tend to use very muted color fabrics. I like mine as striking as can be! So of course, go crazy as you like.

I'm going to give you all a tip here. I recently found the same book, but translated to Chinese (the cover was different tho) at popular bookstore going for Rm50! And popular was having a 20% sale ! I screamed (of course silently). And I discovered some others too that had been translated and going much cheaper. But surprisingly , only one or two clothe pattern books, sigh, frustrating.

My Shasha is still waiting for her's, and even my two prince's want one two, hmm either they have good artistic taste or ?????

Like it? Contact me for details as specs.

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