November 27, 2010

My Sewing Nook has GONE :(

Salam all, I'm a bit stumped at the moment! Basically most of my possessions have left the building and most probably somewhere enroute to the Gulf. Please Somalian Pirates, leave my container alone!! 

I've parked my MAC right next to my mattress on the floor ( yup the bed has gone too), and my daily ritual is now tying up loose ends and  organising things that are left behind. Those to be given away, those for charity and those to go to the dumpster. My body has been aching these past few weeks, seriously getting too old to be this active, sleeping on the floor not helping either :( 

What I miss most is of course my sewing machine , waaaaaaaahhhhhh and my pattern books. Can't believe how wrapped up in my sewing i've been these past few month. I wanted to post some pictures of my sewing nook as it once was sob sob. Even though its just a corner but its a place I can truly call my own.

My sewing table with my fabric covered corkboard 

My Egyptian closet stacked with my most favorite cottons and pattern books

The landing where these little two read or play their gadgets while I sew, or to simply roll around

Mr J's study nook just across from mine where the kids hijack the Mac any chance they get!

The tables and closet remains but anything personal has all been cleared. I am a little sad at leaving the life and place that I have called home these last 3 years. I can't believed that I've lived in 6 homes in my 11 years of marriage, but this by far is my most beloved.

I've been painting the walls and making repairs, only one more room to be painted, ouch, hard work ! I don't know when I'll be able to return to this lovely home but I do hope that it will happen someday, InsyALLAH. But then, what is LIFE if not for its surprises eh? Three more weeks till I FLY to join my beloved Mr J  :)

November 23, 2010

Azirin's Wedding -Part 2

As promised earlier, here are photos of Azirin's wedding reception which was held at Merak Kayangan on the 13th November 2010. She was a vision, all decked out in gold lace and beads. The night went perfectly and best of all, it was great seeing relatives and cousins who lived far away and most that I have not seen in years! Us with our busy lives, it takes events like Hari Raya and weddings to really get together. But we had a blast especially with the photo session at the end :-)

The beautiful couple walking towards the main table

The kiddies insisting on going up on stage !

With some of my aunts and cousins

My mom in Red with my Aunt in Blue. They've always had this ongoing feud on who is the prettiest of them all. We the kids, very wisely have kept silent :)

The parting gift were yummy chocs in pretty boxes decorated by my mom

My in-laws with us that night

Yup, thats me on stage, giving my 2c worth on the bride! I have a serious case of stage fright and I had earlier absolutely refused to go up. But after seeing my baby sis on her special night, I felt that I had to share with our guests exactly how special she was. So, while everyone was busy eating, I grabbed a pen and paper and started scribbling. Lord, that had to be the most impromptu speech in history ! But after the first few minutes of babbling, I calmed down and did manage to say what was in my heart , which was mainly a little bit of advise from an elder sister and my doa and wishes for the both of them.

According to my mom later, her friends were mightily impressed with my speech, except for one mistake, it seems I actually said 'good afternoon' instead of 'good evening' ! Lord , utter embarrasement! 

Azirin and Shafri, may you both have the best that life has to offer and happiness together always, muahhhh !

November 17, 2010

Azirin's Wedding - Part 1

My sister Zirin got married last friday, Alhamdullillah! Frankly, the whole family was getting a bit worried over when she would tie the knot. She's a fussy little thing, smart and way too talented for her own good. It was a bit of a bombshell when she suddenly announced to our parents, ' urmm, my 'friend' wants to come meet you'. And by 'meeting you' the boy came and asked my parents permission for her hand! Then the flurry of organising the wedding took hold. All the work was done by my mom, zirin and baby sis and between the 3 of them they did a beautiful job. The whole thing went without a hitch. I'm a bit sad that I didn't get to help, I was busy running around doing my own organising :-( I didn't even get a new dress done, just didn't have the time, and ready made ones never fit me cos I'm too tall and skinny to be average , sob. So, I ended wearing something old.

Here are the photos of the engagement and wedding solemnisation ceremony held at my parents'.

Zirin looking relaxed whilst waiting for her groom !

The groom being told the rules of marriage by Tuan Kadi. Ironically, this is the exact Tuan Kadi that officiated my marriage at that exact same spot 11 years ago! Lord, how ancient that sounds , LOL

Such a beautiful serene bride to be, her dress was stunning, wished I could have gotten a close up.

The exchanging of rings

The four siblings with the gorgeous mummy. My mom painted the walls herself! Yup, she's one of those 'I can do anything' types!

Enjoying her wedding feast with new hubby. My mom made a whole pot of masak lemak udang galah (Tiger Prawns in Coconut Gravy), was awesome. Shucks, should have moved that flask out of the way.

With Shasha and Aika who insisted on posing with the beautiful bride. I made Shasha's dress from the Autumn Cucito 2010 same as here. I used 1 meter of this gorgeous maroon velvet I found at Harrisons. First time using velvet, I have to admit it was pretty tricky, but as long as you sew with right sides together, it was ok. Only catch was that it can't be ironed and topstitching was impossible. But I loved how it turned out, simple and demure and the material flowed gorgeously. 1 metre only got me 3/4 sleeves however and hem slightly above the knee. I always underestimate how big she has grown.

I wished I had gotten better pictures though, but I was too busy running around entertaining the guests. Hopefully the photographer has good ones, he better! 

I'll post photos of the reception later, thats even more stunning :-)

November 3, 2010

MY Girl has come a long way

Celebrated SHASHA's birthday recently. Since her's was on the 25th, a monday on the start of exam week, she agreed to postpone it till the week after. I did of course bring everyone out for dinner to celebrate and she got loads of books in the process. She's so into The Tiara Club Series now so I decided to head over to our favourite bookstore ( other than Kino), bookexcess at Ampcorp Mall. Yup, even though its all the way across town I ploughed through traffic to get there! Why you ask, well, for those who are not aware, bookxcess is just that, they sell excess books at very discounted prices. A RM35 paperback goes for RM17, and even hardcover editions go for Rm19 / RM17 and keep checking their website because they're allways bringing in new titles, too bad they're not getting any Japanese Pattern books, then it would have been perfect :-) Its of course a great place to get kids books. Adam got his Brinsinger and Eldest for Rm17 and Danny his Dr Seuss for RM12!

I made Shasha a new dress to commemorate the day ( actually I was sick of packing ! shhh), the pattern from the cover of Autumn Cucito. Made it from the gorgeous Hunky Dory Garden in Green. Turned out very pretty I think.

She's getting a long distance call from her beloved Ayah, she is such a daddy's girl! I tell you, she only has to say the word and the daddy will get it for her, it never works for me ! You really should see when she's lying on the sofa, twirling her hair and having a chit chat with her daddy on the phone, utter romance LOL!!

So on Monday the 1st of Nov we went over to her school. Made some cupcakes , her friends were more excited over getting the party packs tho. But they were so cute, everyone said 'Thank you Aunty' after that and Shasha looked so proud and happy. 

Looking at her now, I find hard to believe everything she went through. She was born full term at 3.79kg and healthy. She however did not thrive as normal babies did even though she fed well. Every time I pointed it out to the hospital paed he would dismiss it but a mother's instinct are never wrong. She contracted serious pneumonia at only 5 months and had to be hospitalised for a week. I was doing my closing from the hospital bed and not getting any sleep, it was exhausting. After that episode she continued to be hospitalised every month for serious asthma, I seriously have a phobia of hospitals now! 

I really think it was a blessing that events conspired to enable me to stop work because she was not thriving at all. She developed motor skills and speech much much later than other kids. The two of us have been to weekly sessions of physio and speech therapy from the time she was 4 till just before she entered primary, scans and tests. But seeing her now, so confident and happy and interacting with other kids, I sometimes can't help shed a tear of happiness at the most unexpected moments.

The world is changing and we hear more and more cases of children with autism or other special conditions where before it was very rare. I salute those mothers who are dedicated in giving their all to their children, I know how hard it can get. But always remember it is worth it 100% and when at times it gets just a little bit overwhelming, call the hubby and go get yourself a day off :-)

One thing I do regret however is concentrating so much on Shasha that I disregarded Adam. He became such a wise little person too fast and was always helping me out around the house. He was the one helping to look out for the baby sister even though they are only 2 years apart. I'm trying to be fair to all now that Shasha is on the right track.

To my darling girl, just be the best that you can be and no matter how far or high you go, what matters is you keep that heart of gold.



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