November 23, 2010

Azirin's Wedding -Part 2

As promised earlier, here are photos of Azirin's wedding reception which was held at Merak Kayangan on the 13th November 2010. She was a vision, all decked out in gold lace and beads. The night went perfectly and best of all, it was great seeing relatives and cousins who lived far away and most that I have not seen in years! Us with our busy lives, it takes events like Hari Raya and weddings to really get together. But we had a blast especially with the photo session at the end :-)

The beautiful couple walking towards the main table

The kiddies insisting on going up on stage !

With some of my aunts and cousins

My mom in Red with my Aunt in Blue. They've always had this ongoing feud on who is the prettiest of them all. We the kids, very wisely have kept silent :)

The parting gift were yummy chocs in pretty boxes decorated by my mom

My in-laws with us that night

Yup, thats me on stage, giving my 2c worth on the bride! I have a serious case of stage fright and I had earlier absolutely refused to go up. But after seeing my baby sis on her special night, I felt that I had to share with our guests exactly how special she was. So, while everyone was busy eating, I grabbed a pen and paper and started scribbling. Lord, that had to be the most impromptu speech in history ! But after the first few minutes of babbling, I calmed down and did manage to say what was in my heart , which was mainly a little bit of advise from an elder sister and my doa and wishes for the both of them.

According to my mom later, her friends were mightily impressed with my speech, except for one mistake, it seems I actually said 'good afternoon' instead of 'good evening' ! Lord , utter embarrasement! 

Azirin and Shafri, may you both have the best that life has to offer and happiness together always, muahhhh !


  1. Beautiful wedding and your mom wins, hand down kak, super gorgeous in that red dress! :)



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