November 27, 2010

My Sewing Nook has GONE :(

Salam all, I'm a bit stumped at the moment! Basically most of my possessions have left the building and most probably somewhere enroute to the Gulf. Please Somalian Pirates, leave my container alone!! 

I've parked my MAC right next to my mattress on the floor ( yup the bed has gone too), and my daily ritual is now tying up loose ends and  organising things that are left behind. Those to be given away, those for charity and those to go to the dumpster. My body has been aching these past few weeks, seriously getting too old to be this active, sleeping on the floor not helping either :( 

What I miss most is of course my sewing machine , waaaaaaaahhhhhh and my pattern books. Can't believe how wrapped up in my sewing i've been these past few month. I wanted to post some pictures of my sewing nook as it once was sob sob. Even though its just a corner but its a place I can truly call my own.

My sewing table with my fabric covered corkboard 

My Egyptian closet stacked with my most favorite cottons and pattern books

The landing where these little two read or play their gadgets while I sew, or to simply roll around

Mr J's study nook just across from mine where the kids hijack the Mac any chance they get!

The tables and closet remains but anything personal has all been cleared. I am a little sad at leaving the life and place that I have called home these last 3 years. I can't believed that I've lived in 6 homes in my 11 years of marriage, but this by far is my most beloved.

I've been painting the walls and making repairs, only one more room to be painted, ouch, hard work ! I don't know when I'll be able to return to this lovely home but I do hope that it will happen someday, InsyALLAH. But then, what is LIFE if not for its surprises eh? Three more weeks till I FLY to join my beloved Mr J  :)

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  1. I'm going to miss you..good tht we'll be having lunch next week..can't wait...!!!



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