May 30, 2011

Announcing Giveaway WINNER!!!

Hello hello, its a beautiful monday morning here, hope its good too wherever you are. Again thank you to all the lovely ladies who took the trouble to take part. I really wish I could send you all something but as my Sis said the other day, "Do you think you're a Fairy Godmother?!" Well, I wish I was ! 

Announcing the winners, we are going to do it the Miss Universe Style :)

2nd runner up is jeng jeng jeng

Miss Umi E-ca of, Congrats!!

1st Runner up is rrrrrrrroooollllllll

Miss Sertyan of

And now, anouncing the WINNER of this year's Princess Closet Blockbuster European Giveaway issssss


WINNERS, Please email me you full contact details ( plus hp num) to a.s.a.p.

I really hope you like your gifts and please do link me once you've made something with them, would love to see it.

To the others, 'there will always be a next time' :) Do look out for my posts of items of fabrics and notions for sale, especially the trims and applications are awesome and of course I can get the Ottobre magazine for you too.

Till next time, have a good week. I'm really hoping this good weather stays, I want to feel warm again !!!

May 26, 2011

Look What I FOUND !!!

Hahahaha, do I sound excited? Well, today while at the post office to post a letter, I checked out what magazines were displayed on the craft and sewing aisle ( ermmm I actually do that very often :) ), and Lo and Behold, first time ever I see 'Simplicity Sewing Magazine' Summer 2011!! I usually see Burda, Ottobre and Knipmode every month but this is a first for Simplicity. It is of course in Dutch, but I buy these magazines for the patterns and if I'm really stuck I just use google translate :) 

There are 20 patterns here with of course many different variations for each, I think its a steal. Sizes ranging from 38 to 44/46. Below are some that I like.

The istructions are like below

It numbers the pieces required for each model / variation and what the parts are and there are some pictorial illustrations to help. Just look for the word Raderblad ( sheet ) and lijnen, example : model 20,21 raderblad C, rode lijnen. This means that the pieces for this model are on pattern sheet C, Red Line. If you are used to sewing garments, you should be able to figure out the construction. 

So if anyone is interested, please email me at, latest confirmation of purchase by next Wednesday June 1st, once they're gone, its gone. Price plus postlaju to M'sia is RM45, East Malaysia RM50 , hopefully in June / July. Lets make some Summer Dresses :)

Winners of Giveaway to be announced Monday May 30th, stay tuned ! I pula yang excited !

May 20, 2011

Spring 2011 IT SKIRT - Tutorial

Had this gorgeous pink cotton jersey from my fabric market finds and was figuring out what to sew for Shasha. Suddenly had a brainstorm and came up with the ' Outside Ruffles Skirt' !! Yeah I know, not so creative am I :-)

Then as I was walking in Gallery-La-Fayette Paris, the 'ruffles on the outside' concept was the in thing this season, 'Great minds think alike' :)

The skirt is made from 2 pieces of rectangles and really simple and turns out edgy, so I decided to post the tutorial here. Anything thats not clear please let me know. I include measurements for a 6 year old , 15in finished length.

1. Measure the length of the skirt  from waistline - X
2. Measure the 'seat' of your child ( sit her down on a chair and measure height from waist to seat of              chair - A ( this will be for the skirt yoke)
3. Measure her Hip circumfrence

5. The Yoke width is " Hip circumfrence + ease + seam allowance " , if using Jersey, omit the ease 
                                     ( 26 in + 1in + 1in = 28in)
6. The Yoke Length is " A" + Waist band foldover + seams
                                     ( 5in + 1in + 1in = 7in) - I'm using a 1in elastic
7. The Ruffle width is 'Yoke Width x 1.5' + seam allowance
                                     ( 28in x 1.5 = 42in + 1in = 43in)
8. The Ruffle Length is " Skirt Length - Seat Length + hem allowance  ;  X - A = B+ allowance
                                       (15in - 5in + 2in = 12in)

9. Serger stitch Yoke long edges
10. I used a rolled overedge stitch on my serger for the Ruffles long edges. If using cotton, overlock and hem top and bottom.
11. On 'wrong side' of Ruffles, sew two line of gathering stitches , first one 1/2 in from top edge

12. Pin the Ruffles to the Yoke and pull the gathering threads till the Ruffles match the width of the Yoke. Stitch just under the 2nd line of gathering thread.
13. Option : I sewed a a piece of grossgrain ribbon to cover the gathering stitches up front and added cute buttons.

14. Line up the sides of Yoke and Ruffle and stitch and finish with serger overlock

15. Fold over Yoke top 1.5in and sew, leaving 2inches gap for inserting elastic

16. Measure girl's waist and minus 2 inches for the elastic
17. Thread elastic through the gap all the way around, overlap 3/4 inch and use backstitch to secure.
18. Stitch the gap closed

19. I topstitch the side seam to make it flat
20. Your little skirt is all DONE , VOILA !!!!!!

I like skirts with yokes, somehow adds a bit of cuteness , especially from the back :) making this from Jersey is easy and comfy too.

Would love to see pictures if you used this tutorial. Check out this skirt that Lea Michele from Glee is wearing on the cover of Cosmo UK June 2011! Told you it was 'IN' . Have a good weekend friends.

May 18, 2011

My version of 'Happy Little Sewer'

I've finally made an outfit from the gorgeous Ottobre Design, the hard part was deciding which one to tackle first :) I wanted something chic and pretty at the same time, so I choose the combination of the Four Leaf Clover blouse and High Rise Pants from the Spring 2011 issue, here's my intepretation, what do you think?

The blouse made from 'Strawberry Fields' turned out really pretty I think and matched the green polka dot fabric from Nagoya. Just proves that High Street quality can match Designer's !

The outfit in action ! I think its chic.

A matching hat would have been perfect 

The original from Spring 2011 Ottobre Design

The blouse was pretty straight forward but I really could not figure out how to insert the pockets in the pants, so I made a mock pleat and added the red buttons to match the blouse. I also made the pants elasticated at the back for comfort, which turned out great. I used Japanese cotton for the pants which made it a bit flimsy. slightly weightier cotton would be ideal.

Announcement : My giveaway will end Sunday 29th May because I'm hoping to catch the next week's post to Malaysia for the lucky winners, so stay tuned :)

May 11, 2011

Paris in Spring - Day 3

Hello hello, first just to say a big Thank You to my fellow crafters who signed up for my GA, makes me smile to read all your lovely comments, terubat juga rindu walaupun jauh di negeri mat salleh :) Currently there are 13 contenders, so your chances of winning are 23%, not bad huh ?! fingers crossed ladies :)

Ok now to update on Day 3 of our Paris trip, day 3 was hardcore sightseeing, weather was hot and I think in total, we were in and out of the metro 7 times, phew exhausting. The kids were better that day, because we stopped for ice cream every 2 hours !

NotreDame , metro stop Cite (line 4)

Inside The Louvre , we went on Tuesday which unfortunately is the only day they close :(

Within the Louvre courtyard , metro stop Palais Royal ( line 1 & 7)

The famous Glass Pyramid as seen in DaVinci Code

Had lunch at Hard Rock , metro stop Richelieu Drouot , a really happening street.

The Arc de Triomph on the Champs Elysees , metro stop Charles De Gaulle 

The Eiffel by Night, view from the Trocadero

I had the French Bouillabase ( a fish stew) for dinner, a french 'must have', ermmm I won't comment :)

Danny with his real homemade vanilla ice cream, now that was sinful!

Inside the famous Gallery-La Fayette, full of all the top world brands that you could ever wish for, and they were on sale too! Sigh, moi? Still not used to seeing the Euro sign, still converting everything to RM!!

After 2 hours of wandering inside La-Fayette, what did I come out with? 2 Naruto t-shirts from Uniqlo from across the street for Adam and a box of the softest yummiest macaroons I have ever tasted from La-Fayette Gourmet section :) Flavors like black sesame and green tea are my favorites. 

So with that ends the chronicles of our 3 day spring trip to Paris. I would definitely make a trip back just to get those macaroons hehehehhe.

May 8, 2011

Paris Disneyland - Day 2

Day 2 Paris and we were off to EuroDisney, yeahhhhh. I think me and Mr J were more excited than the kids :) Eurodisney has its own trainstop , Marne-la-Vallee ( Parcs Disneyland) on the RER ( Paris Regional Trains) red line A, destination Marne-la-Vallee. A one way tram and train ticket costs Euro6.30 and brings you right to Disney's front gate in 1/2 an hour. Here's where you can print out the route map.

Below are the park rates. Tip, Paris hotels can issue you tickets for 1 day adult at kids prices, so thats what we did and saved some Euro's for croissants :)

Child (Euro)
Adult (Euro)
1 day 1 park
1 day 2 park
2 day pass
355 day pass

365 day pass


EuroDisney is gorgeous with beautiful landscaping and awesome great rides, among the bestsellers and those with the longest que's are 'Pirates of the Carribean' , "Buzz Lightyear' , 'Star Wars', and definitely don't miss the interactive show with Stitch, it was so cool. We missed so many other rides because the que's were just crazy. It was an amazing but tiring day, hopefully the pictures can show that :) There is also a huge branded warehouse mall just one train stop from Disney but we were just so exhausted had to give it a miss, a reason to make another visit, 'wink'.

View from the Main Street

Sleeping Beauty's Castle, aaah every girl's dream

Screaming their lungs out !

The finale show, a dream come true :)

May 6, 2011

Paris in Spring - Day 1

Its been a gorgeous spring here in the Netherlands and I can't help feel happy and bright too :) I hope all my fellow crafters are too , wherever you may be, celebrate life !

It was Easter weekend last 2 weeks and we decided to take the kids to Paris. We drove, took us 4.5 hours from Rotterdam but it was beautiful seeing the change of landscapes from flat pastures of the Netherlands to rural farm like lands of Belgium to then the rolling fields of France. There is also a fast train which connects Amsterdam to Paris within 2.5 hours via Thalys.

Our hotel was in the Montparnasse area. Really excellent location for good budget hotels right in the city centre with lots of cafes and bakeries all around and most important, the metro station right across the road. An adult 1 day metro ticket cost euro6.80 and kids was euro3.40. You can also buy a packet of 10 single journey tickets that cost euro12 and euro6 for kids. A single metro ticket would cost euro1.70 with no discount for kids. Be sure to pick up the handy mini map of Paris from your hotel.

We checked-in, washed up then out again and on to the metro. Our first stop, of course Une Eiffel! I've seen her a few times in my life but every time there's that sense of wonder and excitement, I have to say she is amazing. There are a few stops where you can get to her but the best view is metro stop 'Trocadero' on line no 6 and 9. As expected , we went photo crazy :)

We didn't go up though, the que was just phenomenal even though it was already 7pm. So we took a river cruise on the Seine, which passed by the Louvre and Notre Dame and we managed to see it just at sun set, sorry too dark for good shots. I love the bridges crossing the Seine, spectacular.

Day 2 will be coming up, stay tuned :) and have a good weekend. My kids are back and demanding milk and brownies, hmphhh.


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