May 6, 2011

Paris in Spring - Day 1

Its been a gorgeous spring here in the Netherlands and I can't help feel happy and bright too :) I hope all my fellow crafters are too , wherever you may be, celebrate life !

It was Easter weekend last 2 weeks and we decided to take the kids to Paris. We drove, took us 4.5 hours from Rotterdam but it was beautiful seeing the change of landscapes from flat pastures of the Netherlands to rural farm like lands of Belgium to then the rolling fields of France. There is also a fast train which connects Amsterdam to Paris within 2.5 hours via Thalys.

Our hotel was in the Montparnasse area. Really excellent location for good budget hotels right in the city centre with lots of cafes and bakeries all around and most important, the metro station right across the road. An adult 1 day metro ticket cost euro6.80 and kids was euro3.40. You can also buy a packet of 10 single journey tickets that cost euro12 and euro6 for kids. A single metro ticket would cost euro1.70 with no discount for kids. Be sure to pick up the handy mini map of Paris from your hotel.

We checked-in, washed up then out again and on to the metro. Our first stop, of course Une Eiffel! I've seen her a few times in my life but every time there's that sense of wonder and excitement, I have to say she is amazing. There are a few stops where you can get to her but the best view is metro stop 'Trocadero' on line no 6 and 9. As expected , we went photo crazy :)

We didn't go up though, the que was just phenomenal even though it was already 7pm. So we took a river cruise on the Seine, which passed by the Louvre and Notre Dame and we managed to see it just at sun set, sorry too dark for good shots. I love the bridges crossing the Seine, spectacular.

Day 2 will be coming up, stay tuned :) and have a good weekend. My kids are back and demanding milk and brownies, hmphhh.

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