May 26, 2011

Look What I FOUND !!!

Hahahaha, do I sound excited? Well, today while at the post office to post a letter, I checked out what magazines were displayed on the craft and sewing aisle ( ermmm I actually do that very often :) ), and Lo and Behold, first time ever I see 'Simplicity Sewing Magazine' Summer 2011!! I usually see Burda, Ottobre and Knipmode every month but this is a first for Simplicity. It is of course in Dutch, but I buy these magazines for the patterns and if I'm really stuck I just use google translate :) 

There are 20 patterns here with of course many different variations for each, I think its a steal. Sizes ranging from 38 to 44/46. Below are some that I like.

The istructions are like below

It numbers the pieces required for each model / variation and what the parts are and there are some pictorial illustrations to help. Just look for the word Raderblad ( sheet ) and lijnen, example : model 20,21 raderblad C, rode lijnen. This means that the pieces for this model are on pattern sheet C, Red Line. If you are used to sewing garments, you should be able to figure out the construction. 

So if anyone is interested, please email me at, latest confirmation of purchase by next Wednesday June 1st, once they're gone, its gone. Price plus postlaju to M'sia is RM45, East Malaysia RM50 , hopefully in June / July. Lets make some Summer Dresses :)

Winners of Giveaway to be announced Monday May 30th, stay tuned ! I pula yang excited !

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