May 18, 2011

My version of 'Happy Little Sewer'

I've finally made an outfit from the gorgeous Ottobre Design, the hard part was deciding which one to tackle first :) I wanted something chic and pretty at the same time, so I choose the combination of the Four Leaf Clover blouse and High Rise Pants from the Spring 2011 issue, here's my intepretation, what do you think?

The blouse made from 'Strawberry Fields' turned out really pretty I think and matched the green polka dot fabric from Nagoya. Just proves that High Street quality can match Designer's !

The outfit in action ! I think its chic.

A matching hat would have been perfect 

The original from Spring 2011 Ottobre Design

The blouse was pretty straight forward but I really could not figure out how to insert the pockets in the pants, so I made a mock pleat and added the red buttons to match the blouse. I also made the pants elasticated at the back for comfort, which turned out great. I used Japanese cotton for the pants which made it a bit flimsy. slightly weightier cotton would be ideal.

Announcement : My giveaway will end Sunday 29th May because I'm hoping to catch the next week's post to Malaysia for the lucky winners, so stay tuned :)


  1. Cantiknya, kat kaki baju tuh ada elastic eks..

  2. Hi, nope tak ada, dia macam palazzo , kaki besar, double topstitch dengan benang contrast so it pops :)

  3. I love the outfit. I had great plans to make the same one - made it as far as cutting the fabric for the pants and creating the whole blouse. I love the pants, but they scare me. I was trying to finish them up tonight (finally) and got stumped on those placket underlays. Came to google for help only to find you too, didn't 'get't them. too bad i've already slashed my pants, will have to figure something out! I do love your outfit!

  4. hi zauber, i kept rereading the instructions but just couldn't figure it out, so I cheated :) if you've slashed them, i guess you can patch it with a placket like the one used on dresses backs and close it with buttons ?



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