May 11, 2011

Paris in Spring - Day 3

Hello hello, first just to say a big Thank You to my fellow crafters who signed up for my GA, makes me smile to read all your lovely comments, terubat juga rindu walaupun jauh di negeri mat salleh :) Currently there are 13 contenders, so your chances of winning are 23%, not bad huh ?! fingers crossed ladies :)

Ok now to update on Day 3 of our Paris trip, day 3 was hardcore sightseeing, weather was hot and I think in total, we were in and out of the metro 7 times, phew exhausting. The kids were better that day, because we stopped for ice cream every 2 hours !

NotreDame , metro stop Cite (line 4)

Inside The Louvre , we went on Tuesday which unfortunately is the only day they close :(

Within the Louvre courtyard , metro stop Palais Royal ( line 1 & 7)

The famous Glass Pyramid as seen in DaVinci Code

Had lunch at Hard Rock , metro stop Richelieu Drouot , a really happening street.

The Arc de Triomph on the Champs Elysees , metro stop Charles De Gaulle 

The Eiffel by Night, view from the Trocadero

I had the French Bouillabase ( a fish stew) for dinner, a french 'must have', ermmm I won't comment :)

Danny with his real homemade vanilla ice cream, now that was sinful!

Inside the famous Gallery-La Fayette, full of all the top world brands that you could ever wish for, and they were on sale too! Sigh, moi? Still not used to seeing the Euro sign, still converting everything to RM!!

After 2 hours of wandering inside La-Fayette, what did I come out with? 2 Naruto t-shirts from Uniqlo from across the street for Adam and a box of the softest yummiest macaroons I have ever tasted from La-Fayette Gourmet section :) Flavors like black sesame and green tea are my favorites. 

So with that ends the chronicles of our 3 day spring trip to Paris. I would definitely make a trip back just to get those macaroons hehehehhe.

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