April 29, 2011

European Blockbuster Giveaway!

Hello Crafters, awww I still have tears watching William and Kate just now, they looked so happy. I'm hoping many happy years for the two of them.

Ok people, listen up! My first ever giveaway and I'm really excited. Do the following to win some awesome gifts, easy as A, B, C :-) Oh Yes, there will be 3, yup 3 winners !!!

1. Become my follower
2. Leave a comment on this post stating which of the fabrics you would love to win and why :) Please list 2 in case the other is already taken
3. Tell me who you like to sew for, name of your child etc ( hint: there will be extra gifts based on your         answer :-))
4. blog about this giveaway and link it up in your comment

Giveaway ends 31st May  Sunday 29th May

And now, for the goodies yeahhhhh

First winner will get a copy of April Burda Style and Ottobre Spring. 2nd and 3rd will get a copy of Burda Style each. See here for gorgeous Spring Ottobre designs

Now choose your 1.25 mtr of gorgeous European cotton

 Pink daisy

 Blue hearts

Green Forest

Green daisy

Pink Forest

Blue Stripes

White Daisy

Pink Cotton Jersey

Grey Blooms Cotton Jersey

And examples of the 'extras' , surprise surprise

There are a few designer fabrics there , but I wont tell which :-) Have a good weekend !


  1. Yeay! First to enter :) Hye there Azidah! I'm just as in awe as you are about the wedding. Kate's dress was every girl's fairytale dream~~ I've written a short post on my blog about this giveaway,


    And I've just recently became a follower. I sew for many people, friends, families and occasionally take orders from others with a crave for handmade items. Anyways, I would love to win that simple blue hearts print as a first choice, if not the blue stripes as a second choice. Just in case both are taken,any of those prints are lovely to own. :) Thanks for the chance to win!

  2. Salam.

    Hai kak.
    Saya sebenarnya bukanlah seorang yang reti menjahit.
    Pegang jarum pon kadang2 tak betul.
    Tapi lately ni, saya suke tengok pelbagai blog yang menjual barang2 kraft.
    Bag, Baju, Pin, Hair clip etc

    then 1 day, saya try buat flower pin.
    dari felt je. and yes! saya berjaya. sangat puas hati.

    lepas tu saya try pulak jahit pencil case for my lil bro.
    hmm. but the result okeyh la. suam suam kuku je. hee

    and now, saya tengah belajar cara-cara nak buat wreslet.

    dan wreslet pertama yang saya akan buat ni akan diberikan kepada mak saya.
    Senang utk dia simpan segala barang die dalam tu. kadang2 kesian tgk bwk handbag ke sana ke maari terutama kalau ke bank.
    so dengan adanya wreslet ni nanti. xperlu lah die bawak handbag lg.

    dan dan.
    saya rasa mak saya mesti suka kalau saya guna fabric GREY BLOOM COTTON JERSEY.
    taste die macam saya.;)

    so akak, ni link blog saya.


  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Hi!!
    I have visited you before and is in awe with your smocking skills. What a generous giveaway I have always been wondering how Ottobre magazines and patterns are like, I hope I do have a chance.

    I like Green Forest and Grey Blooms Jersey.

    I have blogged about your giveaway here


    I sew for my little girl who is now 20 months old and you can see all my creations in my blog.

    Thank you! Pick me! Pick me! haha!

  5. Hi Ms. Azidah, wish you in good health.

    Recently, I'm following your blog (id: Fiona Goh). I just start my sewing this year. I would like to enter this giveaway and win the Grey Blooms Cotton Jersey to sew something for my mum. Green Forest will be my second choice.

    I have posted about your giveaway on my blog

    Thanks for organizing this event.

  6. Oops forget to add my link:

  7. I'm in kak!! Finally found the time to write a post : http://sewretrochic.blogspot.com/2011/05/european-blockbuster-giveaway-at.html

    Yummy fabrics I'd love Green forest or Pink forest but honestly anything will do coz they are all GORGEOUS! I'm thinking of sewing for lil Hanan perhaps a night dress or Pj pants. Thanks kak! *hugs*

  8. Hi! Already become your follower & made a post about this GA : http://rosheyzcraftworld.blogspot.com/2011/05/princess-closet-european-blockbuster-ga.html

    All the fabrics are yummy. But, my 1st choice is of course Green Forest as butterflies always awe me with their beauty & anything related to them is simply gorgeous! Besides that Pink Forest or Blue Stripes will be wonderful too. Really love the combination of baby blue & pink. So sweet. I'd like to sew a dress or skirt for my lil princess aged 7 & I'm clueless about the art of dressmaking though I did attempt to make a dress for her before. Luckily, it fitted her well. Now, maybe the 2nd or 3rd or many more dresses for her.. (I'll try my best, though). Besides the fabrics, the magazines also captured my attention. Hoping so much to win but do you know that your GA actually reminds me that I owe my daughter my very own handmade dress. I promise her more dresses after the 1st one but so far, none.

    Btw, thanks so much for being generous!

  9. Wow, just discovered your blog! Inspiring!

    I can really see my little girl in a dress made out of the 'blue hearts' or the 'green forest'!


  10. Salam dear,
    i m a new comer in this kind of blog (sewing n crafting)...so the book will help me alot.. and maybe an eye opener.. i have no "guru".. and i so far berguru with online - you tube - notes...

    i am full-time housewife with 5 childrens (4boys n a girl) so if i may choose ( since the most prettiest have been choosen by others.. :P) i want to get Pink daisy which i think i want to try to make baju kurung for my only doter 1.2years old..if not Green daisy or white daisy will be fine too... Thank you.. and i m praying hard, may i have the luck...:)

    and my link will be http://girlynicknack-twins.blogspot.com/2011/05/first-time-join.html
    (i hope i've this right...since this is my first ever to link other blog to mine... pls advise if wrong..)

    wasalam... thks again dear..

  11. oo by d way, i followed u under "GirlyNickNack"..bye..

  12. Count me in..

    I would love to win the Pink Forest, but if not Green forest pon ok jer
    Thinking of making a dress for my daugther Asma Izzah..
    my entry for this GA http://blogrimbun.blogspot.com/2011/05/european-blockbuster-giveaway-by.html
    u r most welcomed to my blog TQ

  13. Hi Kak azidah.

    I wanna join ur GA.
    I've been ur follower for quite some time now.
    I choose Pink Daisy and Pink Forest fabrics.
    I don't have a child of my own yet, so I'd like to make my 2yrs old favorite niece Deyana Nur Kamilia, a dress for this coming Raya.

    Come visit my blog,


  14. salam azi...

    akak dah follow & dah buaat n3 - http://justmeani.blogspot.com/2011/05/european-blockbuster-giveaway.html

    akak suka pink forest @ green forest...since pilihan akak kain bunga2..of coz la akak akan jahit something untuk my only doter Dhiya[Radhia Reza],like beg or clutch or pouch or wallet etc

    tqsm azi untuk giveaway ni!

  15. Hi Azidah,
    Your creations are really great. Give me some inspiration.

    Anyhow, this is my first time ever joining any GA and really excited about it, and I already become your follower.

    My entry on this is http://biehas-bengkel.blogspot.com/2011/05/my-first-ga-entrance-princess-closet.html

    I already decided on my fabrics selection which are 'blue heart' or 'pink cotton jersey'. I'm not so sure what I'm going to transfrom this fabric into, but it definately for my gorgeous girls. but all I know, your creations somehow gave me some ideas on what I'm going to do...

    So all I hope now is to to get selected!!...hehheheh

  16. hai kak.. ramainya dah join GA ni..

    i dah lama follow ur blog tapi silently je la heheh.. memang minat all your creations, dok berangan jugak nak buat when i had the time ;D

    of all ur fabrics, i minat the blue stripes, pilihan kedua blue hearts.. tapi yang lain pun takpe jugak. all of them nampak 'sedap'

    pastu goodies + extra gifts tambah mengebestkan lagi. how can i not enter this giveaway? hahaa..

    maybe i can try out the pattern in those mags using the GA fabric (if i win) hehee..

    so i blog about this GA here;


    belum menang lagi dah terasa bestnya hihi..

  17. hai kak....saya pun dah join.....and i follow u


  18. Hi Azidah.
    Su pun nak masuk GA ni. Kain kain GA ni sangat Yummylicious.
    Nanti datanglah ke blog Su.

    Su kalau menang, Su minat Green Forest. Koz Su tak pernah ada lagi kain ada butterfly.
    Kalau dapat Green Forest punya kain, Su nak buatkan tote bag for my mom. Maka ada suh Su buat kan beg for her, tapi Su masih tak jumpa kain yg sesuai for her. Kain for this GA dari oversea. Kalau menang, it will be d most precious tote bag for my mom. Especially my mom suka warna hijau. :D
    Kalau for Blue Stripey, Su nak jahitkan pyjamas for my son, Amir Syafiq. Mesti dia proud, his own mother jahitkan pyjamas, dengan guna kain Blue Stripey dari Princess Closet. Lagi pun bulan Jun ni birthday dia. This, year punya present, lain dari yg lain. Handmade by mom, bukan beli dari kedai or mall.

  19. salam kak..

    saya pon nak try nasib join GA akak nih..
    sbnrnyer saya nih bukan la pro tailors or crafters cam akak2 yg lain.. saya budak baru register dlm dunia jarum n benang nih huhu

    pape pon teringin nak memeriahkan GA akak nih.. akak leh view n3 sy pasal nih di

    wish akak all the best (^_^)

  20. Hi kak!
    Count me in. This is my first time entering GA. I'm drooling over the beautiful patterns in Ottobre that I can try for my daughter, Nuha. And gorgeous fabrics and trims! My pick would be green forest or pink forest. Grey blooms jersey pon cantik jugak.

    This is the link to my entry:

    pick me! pick me!
    Thanks for the GA...

  21. hai kak..sy nk join jugak :)

    cantik suma kain2 itu..klau sy menang, sy nk green forest & pink forest..hiks dh terbayang2 dh my alya pakai dress guna kain2 tu..semoga ad rezki tuk alya :)

    blogged about this GA

    follower id:Noen


  22. hai..sy join ye..

    ni link nye

    kalo sy menang sy minat ngn green forest sbg pilihan pertama n blue stripes sbg pilihan kedua.. sbbnye kedua2 nya mmpunyai kombinasi warna yg cantik n sy dh mcm nampak2 design tote bag gune kaler2 tu..huhu.. kalo sy menang sy leh wat tote bag atau wallet utk my mum, ada lebih kang leh wat ssuatu utk dua org puteri sy..msti comel!! so, hope sy terpilih...

    all the best ya.. thanks!!!

  23. hi azidah...
    i'm new with ur blog...http://princessdiaries71.blogspot.com/2011/04/european-blockbuster- but i like it very much...of course coz the giveaway..
    if i won, i really want pink forest & green daisy i hope...that all b'coz for my Lil princess and only..emm ADRIANA AMNI 5 year old.
    ...i luv to sew 4 her actually..sew is my passion..
    thank azidah...hopefully i will win this GA.

  24. aik
    nape post sy x keluar?
    btw, sy blogged about this GA here..

    i'd love to win the ottobre.:)
    and the green jungle and green daisy should be lovely..

    i love to sew for my kids..both boys..but i particularly love girl's dresses..so i sew for family and friends who have little girls.

  25. i'm new to sewing and crafting. If i win, whatever u give i will accept with a big happy smile.

    it makes me happy to make bags for my family and friends cos i can make them smile with happiness. my link:

  26. Thanks for the generous giveaway!
    Lovely gift!!!!
    I hope I am the lucky one..^^
    I am following your blog ^^
    Newbies here...

  27. My favorite choice of fabrics would be
    Blue hearts
    Blue Stripes
    Pink daisy
    Pink Forest
    As you can see, I prefer blue then pink ^^
    Im not sure what to plan for the scraps^^
    Well, maybe will used it to make small patchwork project like wrislet, pencil case and also wallet :) for my sister, my close friends and also my mom



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