April 22, 2011

Keukenhof - Garden of Holland

 Yes its here, beautiful spring has arrived on the shores of the Nederlands ! The days are long and bright and temperatures are reaching 25C, baby duckies are waddling after their mommies and the flowers, oh the flowers are a riot of colors.

The Keukenhof, dubbed the 'Most beautiful Spring Garden in the World'. It lies in the small town of Lisse, surrounded by fields of flowers as far as the eye can see. There is a Flower Parade that passes once a year from Amsterdam down to Harlem I think. I thought I was being clever by combining the gardens and Parade in one day. Phew, a 25 min bus ride from Leiden to Keukenhof ended up being 1 1/2 hrs and not to mention the mile long que to get on the bus! Yup, everyone it seems had the same idea, sheesh :-(

BY the time we arrived, we were exhausted and swarm of humans rushing pass us to get to the roadside where the Parade would pass amounted to a few hundreds! So, we went the opposite way and entered the Keukenhof Gardens. It was spectacular to say the least and we had a great day.

Those are huge tulips !

Thats charming miss Hailey, Danny's classmate. Just look at those reds

Hyacinths, has become my favorite flower, smells so sweet

Danny is standing at 118cm, yup, those blooms are humongous!

No Flash 

The fields of flowers , an aerial view would be amazing

We left at 10 am and arrived home 10pm, but it was a great day and even the kids didn't throw any tantrums, a first . Next year we will definitely try to catch the parade and this time we'll catch it on one of its route's rather than at the Keukenhof.

Ok crafters, I have something special coming up next week, so mark this page! Oh all right, I'll give you a glimpse :-) Till next week, I'm off on Easter break , excited.  As usual, hoping to find some lovely crafty finds hehe.

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