January 7, 2011

A White Christmas and Happy New Year!

I am here!!! Been here awhile but only now willed myself to move from my heated living room to the cold study and start downloading pictures :-) Nederlands? All I can say at the moment is that its freezing, its wet, its peaceful, well, Rotterdam to be exact. We arrived to a white wonderland, which was pretty exciting especially for the kids. The moment we arrived at our new front door, they were out like a flash and started scouping snow and laughing, and I was right in there with them! 

Here are some white , white photos

On my street

My pretty backyard, NARNIA anyone?

Around the Neighbourhood

The snow has long since melted but we got our fill. So now its just drab and dreary with grey skies and pitter patter rain that never lets up. I am told this is typical Dutch weather , groan.....

My shipment is expected in another 2 weeks, nope do not get me started and yes another 1month of sleeping on the floor over here ! So what have I been up to? Oh the usual mommy stuff, cooking, cleaning the laundry and oh yes, making sure there's always milk and cookies on hand for 3 forever hungry kids :-)

My legs feel numb, Cheerios!

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  1. Kak Azidah, so happy to see you settling down and the kids playing in the snow. I bet you're having so much fun! How is it so far ya? Missing you already...*hugs*



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