March 2, 2010

A Feliz dress for my my shasha!

Hello hello everyone, yes its been 2 months since my last posting! Have been tied up with kids schooling and everyday stuff, sigh! But yes have been stitching too. Introducing my girl Shasha! Here she is, really happy with her Feliz dress. This was an experiment, the pattern seemed so complicated. But it turned out so beautifully. The main fabric is from my stash but I matched the frills from of course my fav place Cottage Patch. Got lots of praises for this one and she's happy twirling around . Am making her a matching hat, nearly done. Already planning another in a green and pink combo, will definitely be pretty, can't wait! Problem is, the boys are now making noise, maybe will make them matching shorts!

Its a full 2 layer dress, princess cut style with elastic at the waist and back so can expand quite a bit.Please email me for details if interested for custom made for your princess. Soft cotton material is best for this dress so she can twirl away!! For a size 120 -130cm height, requires 2.75 metres including the ruffles. Please enquire for other sizes.

Hmm not sure how much to charge for workmanship, aching shoulders adding all those ruffles and ribbons! :)


  1. kak.. saya suka sangtlah ngan dress ni.. minta permission nak letak kat blog saya eh...

    tq so much!

  2. of course boleh! ini pattern dari farbenmix, check flickr group. Just have to be creative in matching the trims. jom buat lagi! Sebenarnya princess cut punya pattern tapi very flair.



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