September 20, 2010

Hari Raya 2010

Selamat Hari Raya to all! By now everyone would have been back to the usual hectic daily schedule :-) It was so great that this year's holiday coincided with the school hols so it ended up being 2 weeks of holidays, bliss for me, not having to get all 3 kids ready for school etc. This raya turned out to be a sad occasion however as on the 2nd day while we were in Ipoh at MIL's house, hubby's uncle, Ayah Cik, passed away. It was very sudden of a heart failure. Understandably no one was in the Raya mood for the remainder of the week. He was a gentle soft spoken man and he left very peacefully, May God keep his soul among those that are pious, InsyaALLAH.

I made raya breakfast at home this year with my mom and sisters and aunt attending. Here are the kids all dressed up that morning.

I wanted to deviate from the usual baju kurung this year for Shasha, so I made her this long sleeve pleated dress with matching pants. Still demure but she had fun jumping and running around in it.

And here is the family picture

Me in green with my youngest sister , SIL , 2nd sister and my Mr J. My brother w baby Danish and my parents up front. You may be wondering why we took a family picture in an Esso petrol station ?! Haha thing is I've been having my first day raya ever since I got married at this exact station! My parents are retired and opened this one all the way in Klang. So raya time the whole family needs to pitch in since they're short staffed. But it is pretty festive as all the customers turn up in their raya finery and wish us Selamat hari raya! And of course my kids have a field day choosing whatever drinks and sweets they want!

Here are my 3 stooges getting ready to visit our neighbour's open house. It was a scorching hot afternoon so we decided to keep it simple.

Another one I made for Shasha, 3 qtr peasant sleeve tunic w pants with contrast neck and cuffs.

Here they are with their best friends, Shasha and Arfan, cute huh

So thats it for now, am rushing off now for my Dutch class. Nope that was not a typo error, hehehhe, till later, enjoy the rest of raya friends!

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  1. Seronok tengok all your family pics kak! And Dutch class? How fun!



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