October 11, 2011

Introducing Elodie

I've really been dying to get my hands on this Elodie pattern by Farbenmix, the same people that brought us the gorgeous Feliz. The company is in Germany and it struck me that hey, its not too far from me so postage would not be too crazy! So here is my first creation of the beautiful Elodie, made in time for our Raya Gathering. Pattern sizes are from 86cm to 152cm.

The skirt is made up of 8 panels and a fully gathered raglan top with blind zipper at the back. I was really happy at how well it turned out, looks more complicated than it actually is, and unfortunately the pattern is in German.  Farbenmix is nice enough to show a detailed step by step here. Check out the other gorgeous creations of Elodie here.

Check out their gorgeous woven ribbons here too. If anyone wants the patterns or ribbons let me know and I'll calculate total for you, delivery will be in December when I go home yeahhhhhh, can't wait!!


  1. Hi Azi..
    so cute! baru je plan nak jahit satu panel dress macam ni. tapi pattern tekaplah (macam biasa) ;D

  2. omg...sis....cantekkkkk!!! I want this pattern so bad kak emailed you already!! :D



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