April 18, 2012

Amazing Istanbul

Hello, weather here in Holland has been depressing 😒 Well I guess it is spring, so rain , rain rain! I desperately needed some sun, so since KL was just too far away, we decided to visit Istanbul ! I've heard so much about how beautiful and amazing Istanbul is so I was really excited. True to all the testimonies , it is an amazing city, a heady mix of western and eastern cultures. Very modern in certain parts but still able to maintain its rich Ottoman heritage in its old quarters. I'd like to share here this amazing city.

I'll start with the Old City, that is the crux of Istanbul and the centre of the Ottoman empire. Travelling by metro and tram is really the best way to go. Traffic is really horrendous and in the Old City, streets are narrow. The tram stop to get off at is Sultanahmet. 

Blue Mosque

Aya Sofia

These two amazing structures are directly opposite from one another. If you plan to visit the Aya Sofia museum, make sure to go early, the que was a mile long ! From here, follow the tram line back down the hill and you will reach the entrance to Topkapi Palace, be prepared to climb another steep hill 😊

Topkapi Palace

This Ottoman palace is set on beautiful grounds, there's also a massive que to enter even at the ticket counter. After visiting Sultanahmet, I would really recommend a few days if you intend to enter any of the buildings. 

We decided to try an authentic ottoman meal at The Han restaurant just down the hill from Sultanahmet, Gulhane tram stop, gorgeous decor and yummy dishes ! 

My boys all tired out from the day of walking ! 

I had spiced lamb and Mr J had Doner

I noticed that Turkish meals are always accompanied by both rice and potatoes.

A map of Istanbuls Old City

Ok folks, stay tuned for Shopping in Istanbul !!!!

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