August 3, 2010

Beyond Gorgeous If I May Say So!

A good friend, Shahrizan, offered me a challenge, a striking, pretty blouse and pants set for her tomboyish 3 year old daughter and 2 cousins. They had to be pretty she said but also versatile enough for active 3 year olds! And, they had to be same but different to avoid cousin squabling! So there I was leafing thru designs then putting batch after batch of materials together to match, quite a headache really.

These are what I finally came out with, and I just love them. It was hard to stop from keeping them for my Shasha, luckily they didn't fit :)

and my absolute favorite!

No 1 pattern from CUCITO Spring 2010 same as here, no 2 & 3 from CUCITO Summer 2010 no 43. The pink is Daisy Dance by Michael Miller teamed with Argyle in Spring by Ann Kelley. The sky blue polka dot is teamed with a Heather Bailey's. Those ruffles are a full 84inches!

And here are the matching capri with of course, ruffles!

My friend loved them and most important, the little miss (also a Shasha) loved all of them and wanted to wear the pink to bed! Yup the mom has decreed the pink to be hers :) A satisfying job well done, pat, pat LOL!!!

And i didn't think the outfit would be complete without hair accesorries, so using a Clover flower yoyo maker, here are 3 pretty hairbands.

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