May 31, 2010

Little Pinky Dotted Girls!

My favorite color has always been a cross between green and blue, to the point that my wardrobe choices have also been these 2 colors. I thank my precious Shasha for introducing me to PINK! Everything to her must be in pink, I really wonder whether this is a girly phase or a permanent addiction :) Truth be told, I am starting to fall for pink myself :) late bloomer I guess. My aunt requested a simple tunic for her Aika, something comfy but ala Pumpkin Patch. And here are the results. I made matching capri pants, with frills for Aika and a doubled hem for Shasha. This adorable tunic is from CUCITO spring 2010. It was Shasha's idea to make her a matching tunic , clever girl, she got a new suit in the process :)

This pose looks like it came out of the pages of a Japanese pattern book! I so love the simplicity of it.

Best of friends forever, Shasha & Aika ! Can you notice those spots on their legs? What a spoiler, tsk tsk.


  1. So so cute!! I love pink to kak, but I love them especially if combined with aqua, blue or green, sweetness! Love those matching pants!

  2. me too me too!! but getting a bit boring pula because all my combi's are the same! Oh Zura help, I've bought 4 Jap pattern books these 2 mths alone, but the spring summer ones are just so cute, rugi kalau tak ambik kan? :)



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