June 11, 2010

Children's Style Book-Spring 2010

I've gone utterly mad!!!! This is a craze that I just have to loose. But it is just so hard, someone please take away my credit card! This is an ensemble that I made for Hani, my niece. Has become my favourite at the moment, but then so are all my other creations hahahaha!

The style is very Kimono like, so sweet. I made ruffles for the sleeves. The pants are the basic pattern but I added matching ruffles and matching green ruching.

Here's the book 

This one is really worth it cos so many simple but sweet styles, just add a dash of imagination :) Sizes are from 80cm-140cm

And this is the pattern it was adapted from

I really have to stop this craze, please do not tempt me with more cute patterns aaaaarrrghhhhh!!!

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