June 17, 2010

INSA with a TWIST!

Had a mind boggling time finding the perfect background for 'Just Dreamy' by My Minds Eye. Am really happy with how this turned out. You can never really go wrong with polka dots! This pattern is the Insa skirt from Farbenmix designs. Pattern included in this book which also includes the famous Feliz dress. The designer, Sabine is just awesome, check her out here. Notice the sweet curves of the outer skirt? Pretty impossible to hem and maintain the curves so I piped it, perfect :)

But here's where I digress a bit. I left out one back gore of the outer skirt to show the back skirt and I ruffled it!

The sweet polka fabric is from my friend Ayu's shop (can't believe we've known each other 21yrs, both became die hard accountants and now both have left and started crafting!) Blue outer skirt from Lovemelots and the 2 fabric for trims from Cottage Patch

Am currently thinking of 3 options for the top, maybe I'll make 1 or maybe all 3 :) Keep tuned muahhhh!


  1. Gorgeous skirt kak! I have the book until today too scared to attempt any of the pattern. Very innovation, Euro designs I love them and yours turned out perfect!

  2. The patterns are actually very simple to sew, I was surprised how easy it was and so beautiful too. I've even tried the pants and pretty perfect as well. Am starting to really fall in love with the different ways you can spice it up!

  3. Kak Azidah, that's so beautiful! The fabrics really make the design come alive. akak, can't wait to see the top pulak.

  4. thank you dear dura, tulah tengah pikir top macam mana paling match. First intended to make a ruffled tier top, but then maybe ruffled overload! i think simple would be best. I wish it was easier for us to get cotton jersey t-shirt material here, would make nice tops for girls kan? I think need few days off to recharge and get kids ready for school again :)



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