June 30, 2010

Lunch with friends + fabric shopping = HEAVEN!

Hello hello, I had such a good day. Had lunch with my best buds PC ( her glamor name ) and Ayu. Arranged to meet at Secret Recipe Central Market since its the most convenient especially for PC who works nearby. She still had to walk 10mins in the scorching heat though, thanks PC! These friends of mine have been with me since I was 18 and the first time in college, away from home. Its funny to reflect that we all came from such diverse backgrounds, but from the first moment when we were thrown together into a cramped, smelly dorm room, we instantly formed a bond. We got separated along the years, all went to different uni's but we never lost the bond. These are the friends who have shared my tears of frustrations to my laughter of joy. We know each other's intimates secrets and hopes. Its funny that whenever we meet up, the years just seem to melt away and we'll be laughing like hyenas! Its true that blood runs thicker than water, but real friends are more precious than diamonds! 3 other of our 'gang' are missing due to work, definitely need to make another date. We missed you Lynn, Mariana and Tati!

I'm one of those people who just love to explore, and Petaling Street ( China Town) is definitely an excellent place! I found this marvelous little shop that it seems has been around for aeons. Its button heaven! My jaw literally dropped the first time I stumbled upon it. Its just stacked floor to ceiling with little drawers full of buttons, from fancy to kids to ornate to simple ones, you name it. They even have things like metal and plastic bag buckles, magnetic snaps, laces, ribbons, sewing accessories. Trick is you need to ask because its either stashed behind the counter or in their storeroom. But the best thing about it is the price! Go check it out. Enter under the red arch ( the one facing Kota Raya) walk a few metres and just before you reach the intersection, the shop is on your right. The nearest station is Pasar Seni Putra station.

And I definitely could not pass up a visit to one of my favorite fabric stores, People Textile. Amazing little shop with the finest quality fabrics. Anything from cotton to stretch knit to wool and i was surprised they even had seersucker. Their cottons are printed in Japan and has this lovely satinny finish which looks really classy. And of course your's truly could not resist, but I did try! Here's what I bought that day. Add is no 13, Jalan Petaling. Come back out of the red arch and you'll be facing a small road that is just next to Kota Raya. The shop is the 3rd on your left I think.

I had earlier ordered some fabrics from Ayu since she was having a sale and here they are. My favorite pink polka dot was sold out tho, so so so dissapointed, but I'm really happy with what I got. Good to have a friend who has a fabric shop eh? And I saved on postage too hehehehe.

I had a superb and fruitful day, largely due to my friends, thank you girls, love you xoxoxoxoxo!

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