June 24, 2010

A Color Fiesta!

Yes, I've done it in record time! Am really in love creating with these yummy fabrics to the point that I even skipped lunch, bad bad girl! So here are the two blouses that were meant to complement the Insa skirt.

Blouse No 1. Sweet, Simple & Demure

Blouse No 2. Funky, Fun & Sassy !

But truth be told, I prefer blouse No2 paired simply like this

I am seeing bright pink corduroy pants with some appliques with this top! Yup there I go again, mind just can't seem to take a break. Blouse no1 pattern from Spring Cucito 2010 and Blouse No2 from Children's Style Book Spring 2010.

But as the saying goes, "too much of a good thing sometimes not so good" hahaha my version! I actually would pair this skirt with a simple plain white t-shirt and maybe just add a dash of applique on it from My Minds Eye. What do you think?


  1. i love pic #3. simply adorable.
    agree with you on pairing the skirt with simple white tee :)

  2. yup yup, sometimes simple is better!

  3. LOVE the tiered top kak! Comel!



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