June 14, 2011

Sewing with Stenzo Jersey - Ottobre

I just can't seem to stop myself from reaching out and grabbing these pretty jersey fabrics, arghhhh! Here's one I made last week , pattern from Ottobre Spring 2011, the 'tangerine top' and 'Cocos' tiered skirt. The skirt is from the awesomely beautiful Stenzo Jersey , aren't those colors just gorgeous ?! The top is not tangerine I know but the sriped red seemed to work , what do you think?

Somehow all my ready made applique's did not seem to work on this, so I made my own butterfly applique and made a running stitch using brown dmc floss, and of course the cute buttons, what do you think? I stitched the hem with a stretch zig zag with contrast white on my normal machine, very decorative I think.

From my one meter of red stripe jersey I had enough to make her 3/4 leggings, matched !

After many experiments this is the stretch stitch I use on my seams. Its a zig zag combined with a straight stitch. Its pretty stretchy and you don't need to serge the seams. 

Hmmm where was she when she wore the above? Hehe, another story for another time I think. its muffin baking time for tea. Today, banana walnut honey cream muffins with streusel topping :)


  1. Wow!! So pretty la kak the printed jersey! Ok lah now semangat already to sew either skirt or dress with the fabric, tak jadi nightie hehe...and yes, those teatime treats sounds yummy Euro Mummy!! :D

  2. Well done! I think it's nicer to use apply your own handmade applique rather than store bought ones, love those butterflies. The decorative stitches at the hem is a very good idea. You are inspiring me to sew with knit!



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