June 20, 2011

Fabric Markets in The Netherlands

Hello, I know a lot of you must be wondering what on earth I mean when I keep mentioning that I get my fabrics at the markets here. As with everything else in Europe, rental you can imagine is very high, so to cut cost, the local council allows fabrics suppliers to ply their wares at the weekly markets in all the towns and even set up a fabric market that goes touring round the Netherlands. This has been going on the last few 100 years, about 600 I believe! So the result is an amazing choice of fabrics in one place at good prices. 

I first stumble upon this fact when I bought the local dressmaking magazine, Knipmode. Inside it listed all the places that these markets were held at the specific dates. So, your's truly have been diligently hopping on trains touring the Netherlands to get to these markets :) I think I've even been to towns that the locals don't even visit ! For those happening to be in the Netherlands, here is the fabric market site, stoffenspektakel and stoffenbeurs, truly an experience ! 

Here are some pictures of the markets, (made them super large !)sorry, not many as I'm always rushing to catch the train back home not to mention the frantic buying sometimes against the wind and rain :)

There is also a permanent fabric market in Utrecht saturday mornings and Amsterdam Monday mornings

Just wanted to share some of my market fabric finds :)

I always head straight to the notions stall, can't get enough of these pretty ribbons

This is what my craft shelf looks like, ermm just went thru a major reshuffling for this photo shoot :) Its my stress reliever, looking at the riot of colors gives me inspiration and just the contentedness to daydream. Shuush , don't look under the bed and in the cupboards !

If touring the Netherlands, a visit to the Saturday Markets is a must, my favorite towns are Leiden, Utrecht , Amsterdam and Dordrecht. The variety of things you can find is amazing and its just so colorful. There will also be a few fabric and craft stalls too :)

There seems to be no listing after June, I'm hoping they are just going for summer break, I need to start planning the kids winter wardrobe :) Hope that satisfies fabricholics out there .


  1. Thank you for posting this I have been looking forward to your fabric markets experience! I am so jealous! Are you sure that's all the fabric that you own or lots not pictured here? Ha ha. With so much variety I think I will go crazy and buy too much! I like how they also display handmade dresses made from those fabrics for sale. And don't let me start talking about those wonderful notions!

  2. Azie...fabrik2 tu buat sya ak lepas pandang...

  3. hello ladies ! you know a fabricholic never reveals ALL her stash muahahahahaha! usually becos i go by train so I beli only setakat mana I can carry with my two hands, itupun by the time I'm home, rasa nak tercabut shoulder!! but yes, rasa nak borong semua stall, the bad thing is even if you dont have enough cash, there's always an ATM nearby and the vendors even take debit cards !!!

  4. Haha! I knew it! Those were not ALL your stash! Wow, very tempting if the vendors take so many forms of payment...I will be broke if I chance by these fabric markets.

  5. OMG!!!! I would go crazy in a place like this... ooooo definitely will dream about all those yummy fabrics tonight *sigh*

    When I go to Nippori Textile town in Tokyo, I pull my cabin luggage and carry a backpack.. leaving the hands free to rummage through the fabrics.. *sigh - definitely need to go shopping, it has been way too long..uhuhuhuh*

  6. kalau ada market macam ni kat malaysia, tiap2 bulan saya 'bankrupt'! huhu kedai2 kain yang ada ni je tiap2 minggu saya cari reason nak pergi belek kain.. member2 dah faham dah. haha stash tak payah cerita. pandai tu letak dalam kotak toyogo ceruk tu satu, ceruk ni dua.. bagi husband confuse. dia ingat kain saya dalam bilik jahit tu je.. ;P just cant have enough of them!

  7. This place is like heaven for sewists like us!! I could be there the whole day (and night lol)! Kak, is the woven Scandi ribbon expensive? Rasa nak order lah hehe

  8. salam azi...rasa tak cukup luas celik mata bila tgk kain2 tu...tak puas tgk! nasib baik kat mesia ni takde stall mcm tu-kalau tak mmg asyik kontang poket...bila2 azi nak balik mesia-jgn lupa bukak order!

  9. hi ladies, tu la Sue, I see so many ladies tarik bag trolley but I keep telling myself no,no ,no I will not borong that much lah!!! boy, by the time balik I keep pusing belakang , sedih cannot buy anymore sebab tak larat hahahaha!

    Ani, niat tu masa beli mmg beli extra sebab nak offer org m'sia, but bila dah susun cantik cantik kat almari, aduhai, susah rasanya nak lepas :) insyaallah balik dec ni will offer some :)

    zura, the ribbons roughly around 1.50Euro a mtr but i'll be so lucky if I find as pretty as the ones above, will keep looking out for more, but yup, they r so pretty

  10. What to say, I'm green with envy..... Bestnya kalau kat sini ada market mcm tu... But like others said, surelah kering kontang poket, wallet bagai borong all those fabrics.... Tgk kat gambar dan rambang mata, apatah lag kalau ada kat depan mata....

  11. Hello! I enjoy your blog...have ran across it twice in searching for fabric in the Netherlands. I love Maastricht fabric market Fridays, but am making a trip to Amsterdam soon and was wondering if you know about any fabric markets there on Saturday, Sunday or Mondays. Thank you :)

    Molly From Mollykid Studios



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