July 12, 2011

Switzerland, Land of Lakes & Mountains - Summer 2011

Hello hello, yes I'm here !!

Its summer holidays in Europe and the America's right now and everyone is just off hopping on the plane, ferry or train to cross visit other parts of Europe. We decided to do Switzerland and boy, that country is simply breathtaking. Took loads of pictures, between me and Mr J, 800 to be exact, it was just a picture postcard at every turn! The weather was on our side during the trip and except for 2 days in Lucern, it was glorious sunshine. Be warned, the next few posts will be full of photos and details of this gorgeous place, but I just had to share, so hope you enjoy and maybe as a reference point for future visits :)

We flew in by KLM to Geneva via Schipol Amsterdam, took only one hour and as we flew in I was practically hopping in my seat, the pilot had just announced that we would be seeing the Alps! My first sight and impression was of awe! It was high summer but the tops of the alps were covered in snow, they were majestic and imposing, silent and welcoming all at once, I felt humbled to be so near God's creation.

Geneva Airport is only 6 minutes by train to Geneva Central Station. At the baggage pick up , just before the green lane, there's a box that provides free train tickets to Geneva Central, take it ! From Geneve Aeroport Train Station, there are direct trains to all parts of Switzerland, very very easy. Geneva is the French speaking part of Switzerland. Its a beautiful city with the Lake of Geneva only 20 minutes walk from the train station. 

Lake Geneva with the Swiss Alps as the perfect backdrop

The famous fountain in the lake
Jet d'eau

The modern centre of Geneve

The Old Centre

And this is why Switzerland is spotless, pick up your own poop !

For more photos of Geneva, looky here

Food is easy in Geneva, there were more Chinese and Indian restaurants compared to others, just walk around Geneve Central Station. I keep complaining that Netherlands is expensive, Switzerland is twice that! A McDonalds meal for 5 will cost you 45Chf ( no happy meal please !) , a simple restaurant meal with drinks will set you back 90Chf! Don't worry though, all the major Banks are just around the corner :) Hmm , however I did not see Maybank.

Note: 1Chf  ( Swiss Franc) = 90c Euro

Next stop - Montreux and Chillon Castle !

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