July 13, 2011

Montreux & Chillon Castle

Starts day two of our Swiss adventure !

I'd heard so much about Chillon Castle that we couldn't pass this by. Bought our train tickets ( 1hr trip return ticket is 56Chf ! , yeap I did say it was not cheap, but kids go free ) and had a beautiful train ride on the regional swiss train to Montreux. The train clatters by the Lake Geneva and you could see little white sail boats bobbing on the waters, I really wished I was one of those people on the boats then, so idyllic a life. Planning a train ride on any swiss train to any swiss destination is easy as pie, just click HERE. Key in your 'To' and 'From' and time and the list comes out. Be sure to click on the '+' icon on each option to see which platform the train leaves from. Beware, if it says 10.12am, 10.12 and 1sec, the train doors will not open, now thats Swiss Precision ! Change times between connections can be anytime between 5 to 15 minutes, so you better run for it :)

Montreux is a small resort like, french speaking part of Switzerland. Shops and hotels are next to the Lake's edge, a beautiful setting. Note : photos have not been tampered with :)

We took a beautiful boat ride that lasted 15 minutes to Chillon ( 16 Chf/pax, kids 1/2 price). You can even take the boat from Geneva, but it would take 3 hrs / way and cost around 58Chf / pax

And this is Chillon Castle or Chateau de Chillon from the boat. It's over 1000 years old and used to belong to the Lords of Savoy. It is actually on a small island a few metres from the mainland. A family ticket will cost 28Chf, but this is truly worth it. One of the things that the kids really enjoyed. Exploring the rooms and dungeons, climbing on the parapet, discovering how people of old went to toilet and had their bath :) I felt that I was in a Judith McNaught novel. They even have special days where the locals will play dress up and do enactments, wished could have seen that.

The Main Courtyard, everything was so well maintained

A damsel in the window :)

This is where they do their 'business' all those long years ago! Phew I'm glad I live in the era of sewage systems and flushing toilets! 

I think I would be content to live my life in a setting as beautiful as this, what do you think?

For more photos of this area, go here

Part 3, The Berland Obernese 


  1. enjoy reading your blog.. goshh i'm so envy of you and the kid.. hehehe.. i wish i was there or maybe marry a Dutchman..lol. I love Europe. I love reading your Holland post. Seriously, i memang jeles.. hehe.. waaaa... nak ikut u.. nak ikut.. =p

    have a nice day!


  2. hi erna :) europe is memang my fav places, but its great in summer but i tell you, trying to go thru winter, seksa !! visiting tempat cantik is nice but I think to stay, m'sia juga best :), miss it !



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