March 20, 2011

For The LOVE of Fabrics

Yes, for the love of fabrics, I would go to the ends of the earth, weather any storm and jump over train tracks!! Well, not so dramatic, but yes I did walk, take a tram, then took a metro then sprinted the last few metres, forgetting again that I no longer have a perfect right foot! Total travel time :- 1 hour each way!! 

A sort of fabric convention was being held at the AHOY which is the Rotterdam Convention Centre for that one day only! Loads of stalls was expected to be there so of course, how could I miss ?! Set off at 9 am, I needed to arrive back home by 1pm for the kids so time was not on my side. But thanks to the excellent public transport system here, getting there was a breeze. It was already full of shoppers by the time I arrived and yes, it was fabric heaven! Everything from Denim to chiffon to jerseys, name it they had it. 2 hours of intense fabric hunting and here are what I came out with. 

Stretch cotton jerseys

Dress cotton from Germany ( between 12euro to 15euro a metre but so very gorgeous )

European dress cotton, discovered this stall in my last 1/2 hr and they had the whole rainbow spectrum of gorgeous cottons at 8euro, should really have bought more but was so blinded by the colors and ahem, money was running out :-(

Love love the appliques and the gorgeous ribbons, loads of prym 

I arrived at my door exactly at 1pm with bulging biceps and a throbbing foot, talk about efficiency hehe. Spring seems to be playing hide and seek this year! A few days of bright warm sunshine then the next it'll go back to near 0C. I can't wait to hang up my sweaters for good. Blooms are popping out now and familes are taking walks and cycling, a very pretty sight.

The pink blossom tree outside my bedroom :)

Enjoy spring everyone, wherever you are. My prayers go out to those in Japan, I cannot imagine how tough life must be right now for them some loosing their possessions but others also loosing loved ones.


  1. Omg tdf!!! Bestnya all the fabrics looking gorgeous!

  2. wahh bestnya kalau dapat shopping fabric camnii... cantik2 nya

  3. sayang betul tak ada fabric buddy to shop with :( nanti i cari lagi and bawa balik for sale ok !

  4. nice fabric :) luv them all !!!



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