March 25, 2011

Look Mummy, I Can Cable !

I've done it, finished Danny's muffler, but it seems its a bit too late! The kids tell me that its passed over to Spring officially and so they are switching to lighter jackets. I admit its nice and bright now but still a little chilly, oh well, we can keep it for next winter :) 

He loves it though and still insisted on wearing it to school today, I'm a happy mommy

I changed the pattern from the one I started below. It became a bit too tedious making 2 baby cables every 2nd row, so to make my life easier, I used knit3, purl6, cable 6/6 ,purl6, knit3. So I ended up only cabling every 12th row which wasn't bad at all. However, even though purl stitches accentuate cables, purl6 stitches made the whole piece much to elastic and pulled the fabric in, so next time need to reduce the purls in between.

The whole cabling process was demystified by Lily Chin's excellent new book, Power Cables. She really explains the science behind designing cables, with illustrations and there is a cable stitchionary and lots of beautiful projects, but all are for winter wear though, thick sweaters and wraps. But I love the book, even feel confident about designing my own cable project.

But who can't be happy that spring is here, the whole country is blooming. Smiling happy faces are seen sitting outside cafes soaking up the sun. I could never understand before why westerners come to Malaysia and sunbathe till they become loabsters, but now I can say I do and I would definitely do the same !

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